Media Management Europe’s offer consists of highly valued foreign-language TV channels, as well as well-known and popular TV channels broadcast in Polish. MME’s package contains nearly 100 television channels: news, sports, entertainment and film in many language versions, enabling selection of the channels according to individual needs.
In order to meet technological changes and customer expectations, MME’s offer is constantly enriched with new channels, also in HD. Television channels may be selected a la carte, there’s no obligation to purchase TV channel packages.

Offer for hotels

The package for hotels in Poland contains nearly 100 television channels in many language versions: Polish, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese and Japanese among the others. .

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Offer for cable operators

Offer for CATV operators, IPTV operators and satellite platforms consists mainly of popular foreign language channels with information and entertainment channels gaining the highest popularity.

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Offer for cruise ships

MME provides cruise ships with high quality news and general entertainment channels available in multiple languages including, French, Spanish, German and Russian among the others.

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