Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English is committed to bringing you comprehensive, fearless news coverage from around the world, amplifying and empowering suppressed voices, often by challenging the status quo. For a more balanced view of the world, tune-in and stay informed.

Al Jazeera English, our award-winning programmes take viewers beyond the headlines to provide in-depth analysis. Covering a variety of topics, we show the stories that don’t make the daily news cycle and provide a deeper understanding of ones that do.

Witness – Through insightful observational documentaries Witness brings global issues into personal focus with courageous and inspiring human stories.

101 East – Bold, untold stories from across Asia and the Pacific. Al Jazeera’s in-depth, award-winning weekly documentary and current affairs programme from the world’s most populous and diverse region.

The Stream – A live and fully interactive talk show experience where Al Jazeera’s global audience becomes a global community.

Inside Story – Al Jazeera journalists and guests direct and discuss the day’s top stories.

Talk To AL Jazeera – Al Jazeera’s flag ship interview show. One to One conversation with global leaders, icons and alternative voices shaping our times.

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