RTP Internacional (RTPi) was created in 1992 and has an important presence worldwide. The new RTPi wants to be fashionable, just like Portugal is. We have all the conditions: an enterprising, modern, sophisticated country with a proven track record inside and outside the country, and all this can be seen on RTPi. Portugal is synonymous with vitality and international success for new generations of emigrants. RTP’s international channel has been reinforcing its content diversification strategy, also targeting a younger audience that seeks more differentiated content, as is the case with the new generations of emigrants. RTPi means universality, we are a window from Portugal to the world. Not only for those who were born here or are of Portuguese descent, but we are increasingly a vehicle for promoting the best that our country has to offer to those who want to visit it. This is the channel that brings the Portuguese together. It is unique in strengthening national cohesion and identity, affirming language, values and customs, sharing experiences and sensations.
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