nc + channels available at hotel

Media Management Europe is pleased to announce the company has entered into agreement with ITI NEOVISION S.A. expending it’s portfolio with the premium nc+ channels: CANAL+, CANAL+ Film, CANAL+ Seriale, CANAL+ Discovery, CANAL+ Family, CANAL+ 1, CANAL+ Sport, CANAL+ Sport 2, as well as unique thematic channels: Kuchnia+, Domo+, Ale kino+, Planete+, Mini Mini+, teleTOON+ and nSport+.

CANAL+ presents a wide range of movies and sports programming. Viewers will find six movie premiers each week of the greatest cinema hits and Oscar winning productions, premiere episodes of record-breaking American series, controversial documentaries, concerts of contemporary music’s biggest stars and the newest Polish productions. Sporting emotions are fulfilled by UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League, T-Mobile Ekstraklasa matches, English Premiership, Grand Prix and Speedway World Cup, basketball (NBA and WNBA game) – and all these accompanied by professional commentary by nc+ experts.

Be sure your guests have access to the highest quality television. nc + channels can be retransmitted by hotels, motels, resorts, guest houses and other commercial entities providing accommodation services.