Al Jazeera forms a strategic partnership with Media Management Europe (MME) to expand its hotel distribution

Al Jazeera Media Network and Media Management Europe (MME) are proud to announce a strategic partnership aimed at expanding the distribution of Al Jazeera English and Arabic news channels. The partnership will leverage MME’s existing bouquet of international channels to bring Al Jazeera’s comprehensive news and current affairs coverage to new audiences in the hospitality markets of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

“We are thrilled to join forces with MME and expand our reach in the hospitality sector. At Al Jazeera, our mission is to provide audiences worldwide with the highest-quality news and current affairs coverage,” said Ramzan Al Naimi, the Acting Executive Director of Al Jazeera’s Global Brand and Communications Division. “Through this partnership with MME, we can now reach new audiences in the hospitality markets of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia and continue to deliver our award-winning programming and in-depth investigations to travelers worldwide.”

Al Jazeera, as a pioneering news network, provides its global audience with in-depth news and programs from around the world. The partnership with Media Management Europe with a proven track record of providing leading news, TV entertainment, sports, and movie channels in multiple languages to the hospitality and cable operators will provide another opportunity to expand Al Jazeera’s reach to over 100,000 hotel rooms in Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia adding to the Network’s global reach within the hospitality sector in over 2.8 million hotel rooms.

“MME has been cooperating with the best known domestic and international broadcasters to offer a variety of TV channels,” said Joanna Piekarska, Board Member of the General Partner at MME. “We are absolutely delighted that now we can introduce Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic to Polish, Czech, and Slovak hospitality markets. With changes in the tourism industry, MME continuously enriches its portfolio to give the hospitality sector and the global travelers what they truly demand.”

Al Jazeera Media Network

Launched in 1996, Al Jazeera was the first independent news channel in the Arab world dedicated to providing comprehensive news and live debate. It challenged established narratives and gave a global audience an alternative voice, one that put the human being back at the center of the news agenda, quickly making it one of the world’s most influential news networks.

Since then, it has added new channels and services while maintaining the independent and pioneering spirit that defined its character. Each subsidiary follows the same principles and values that inspire it to be challenging and bold and provide a ‘voice for the voiceless’ in some of the most underreported places on the planet.

From its headquarters in the Middle East to the broadcast centers and more than 70 bureaus around the world, Al Jazeera strives to deliver content that captivates, informs, inspires, and engages.

Al Jazeera continues to serve its global business and leisure travelers by being available in the hospitality sector reaching over 2.8 million hotel rooms.

Media Management Europe

Media Management Europe was established in 2004 after 10 years of providing sales, installation, management, and consultation services to residential and commercial clients in the satellite reception, telephone equipment, and computer networking businesses.

MME was formed to provide information to companies on how to adhere to local laws regarding retransmission and to protect the broadcasters by granting them the right to rebroadcast TV channels on their behalf.

MME is active in most of the territories of Central and Eastern Europe with our headquarters based in Poland. As of January 2017, MME opened a branch office in the Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague. MME’s Global Package is dedicated to hotels outside Europe, and hotels from Asia and the Middle East have joined our list of clients.

We also work closely with CATV and IPTV operators, DTH networks as well as commercial entities including hotels, motels, apartments, restaurants, and sports recreation centers as well.