VG Media received landmark judgement in a case against Spanish hotel chain “Sol Melia”

The collecting society VG Media which represents more than 70 TV channels in German and internationally has received a favorable ruling from Spain’s Highest Court (Tribunal Supremo) in its case against “Sol Melia” hotel chain.

The judgement centered around a hotel’s obligation to license a broadcasters’ signals for retransmission (rebroadcast) in guest rooms. The judgement which is final states:

•             the hotel chain infringes TV broadcasters‘ rights represented by VG Media by retransmitting program signals in their hotels;

•             prohibits the hotel chain from continuing to retransmit program signals without a valid license;

•             determined that Sol Melia is liable to pay compensation for usages as of 2004.

Since cable retransmission is harmonized within EU, this judgment will have an impact on hotels in all EU member states.